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Selenium Training




20 Hours

Regular Pricing:


Early Bird Pricing:

$1350 ( 10 % Discount )*
If registered two weeks before the course start date

We offer discount pricing for groups, corporate or registration in more than one training. Please contact us for more details.

The training program is designed to give participants the skills & knowledge in starting/enhancing a career in functional test automation using Open Source Test Automation tool.

Selenium is an open source tool for web application testing. This tool is primarily developed in Java Script and browser technologies and hence supports all the major browsers on all the platforms. Selenium is probably one of the best tools available in the market for web applications.

Upon completion of this course, you will have an in-depth knowledge and practical understanding of the following skills set:

  • Familiarity with Functional Test Automation
  • Java based test script development
  • Hands-on with Selenium IDE
  • Familiarity with Selenium Test Frameworks
  • Hands-on with Selenium RC

We believe that training should be relevant, immediately applicable, and fun. Experience our unique combination of best practices, practical approach, and engaging delivery and you'll discover why many people prefer Chrysalis Educational Services to change or enhance their careers.

What sets us apart is our commitment to your success. We personally meet with you to understand your needs and aspirations, discuss in detail the coursework and how the career path of Selenium Training fits in your career aspirations. So contact us to obtain detailed information and learn how you can learn, grow and succeed with Chrysalis Educational Services.


This course is intended for anyone with Manual Testing knowledge & test automation exposure.No prior experience is presumed. 

Exclusive Course Materials:

You'll receive a comprehensive Participant Guide containing copies of relevant slides, supplemental material on specific tools and techniques, and a complete set of all workshop case project materials, plus a handy reference text to deepen your understanding of core fundamentals and for further, post-workshop development.


20 hours

Course Schedule:

Location Course Dates Click for Syllabus Regular Price Early Bird Price Click To Register
Phoenix 28 Mar - 19 Apr Course Syllabus $ 1500 $ 1350 ( 10% Discount) register
Phoenix 25 Apr - 17 May Course Syllabus $ 1500 $ 1350 ( 10% Discount) register
Phoenix 23 May - 14 Jun Course Syllabus $ 1500 $ 1350 ( 10% Discount) register
Phoenix 20 Jun - 12 July Course Syllabus $ 1500 $ 1350 ( 10% Discount) register
Phoenix 18 July - 9 Aug Course Syllabus $ 1500 $ 1350 ( 10% Discount) register

Frequenty Asked Questions:

Do you need help Registering?

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 602-218-5223

What Happens When I Register?

Once you register, you will receive an email confirmation from Chrysalis Educational Services confirming your seat. Within 24 hours you will also receive an phone call from one our team members to answer any questions you may have and provide your more information you will need to know about the training.

What should I bring to class?

You will have to bring just your writing material to take notes. We will provide you all the notes and study material in the class.

What is provided in the training?

"For this training Chrysalis Education Services will provide you : A take home copy of the training materials and notes. All equipment required to perform the hands-on parts and group excercies that will be done in the class."

What is the Cancellation Policy?

Registrants who fail to cancel at least 10 business days prior to the class start date are subject to fine of 10% of the full registration fee. Registrants who cancel within 10 days of the class start date are subject to full registration fee.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Automation Testing

  • What is AutomationTesting
  • When to go for Automation Testing
  • Advantages of Automation
  • Criteria for Automation

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium
  • Uses of selenium
  • When selenium can be useful intesting
  • Features of Selenium
  • Differences between Seleniumand QTP

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium Grid

Configuration of IDE & Dev Scripts

  • Recording the script
  • Running the script
  • How to save recorded script
  • Object Identification
  • Differences between Test case and Test suite
  • Languages supported while Recording
  • Synchronization in Selenium IDE
  • Testing Vs Selenium IDE
  • When to use selenium IDE
  • How to run recorded script against other browsers
  • Why companies are not using recording tools

Creating the Environment for Selenium RC

  • Creating generic scripts in selenium
  • Creating scripts by using functions
  • Running the scripts in Eclipse
  • Inheritance
  • Browser commands withexamples
  • Interactive commands withexamples
  • Information commands withexamples
  • Validation commands withexamples
  • How to take data from excelsheets
  • Why to use excel sheets
  • How to take large amount of datafrom excel sheets
  • How to export data to an excelsheets
  • Export large amount of data to anexcel sheet
  • How to export results aftercompletion of execution
  • How to use Eclipse
  • Debugging the script
  • Maintaining synchronizationPoints
  • How to handle popups and alertmessages
  • Recognizing Similar Elements
  • Working with Table Elements
  • Connecting to Database

Developing reusable script

  • Validations
  • What is validation
  • What is the use of validation inAutomation testing
  • When to use validation inrealtime
  • How to use validations

Core Java Language Fundamentals

  • Java Programming Language Keywords
  • Class and Object
  • Data Types
  • Array Declaration, Construction and
  • Initialization

Flow Control, Exceptions, andAssertions

  • Writing Code Using If and Switch


  • Writing Code using Loops
  • Handling Exceptions
  • Working with the Assertion Mechanism

Object Orientation, OverloadingandOverriding, Constructors

  • Benefits of Encapsulation
  • Overridden and Overloaded Methods

Using the java.lang.String Class

  • Using the java.lang.Math Class
  • Using Wrapper Classes
  • Using the equals() Method withStrings, Wrappers and Objects

Defining, Instantiating, andStartingThreads

  • Preventing Thread Execution
  • Synchronizing Code
  • Thread Interaction

Junit Introduction

  • Proving it works
  • Starting from scratch
  • Understanding unit testingFrameworks
  • Setting up Junit
  • Testing with Junit

Object repository

  • What is object repository
  • How to use object repository in framework
  • What is the use of  maintaining object repository
  • Types of creating objectrepository

Additional concepts

  • How to use XPath
  • How to use DOM
  • How to use Key Commands

Selenium 2 / Web Driver

  • Selenium 2.0 Features
  • The Selenium Server – When toUse it
  • Setting up a Selenium – Web Driver Project
  • Migrating from Selenium 1.0
  • Getting Started with Selenium-Web Driver
  • Introducing Web Driver’s Drivers
  • Commands & Operation
  • Web Driver backed Selenium RC
  • Programs on Web Driver
  • Programs on Web Driver BackedSelenium RC

TestNG Framework

  • What is TestNG
  • Create TestNG.xml file
  • Integrate the Selenium Scriptsand Run from TestNG
  • Reporting Results & Analyze
  • Run Scripts from MultipleBrowsers

Automation Life Cycle

  • What is a Framework
  • Types of Frameworks
  • Modular framework
  • Data Driven framework
  • Keyword driven framework
  • Hybrid framework
  • Use of Framework
  • How develop the framework
  • Integration of the framework
  • How execute the scripts from framework
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